Lawsuit Update Week of June 14 2021

Make Americans Free Again


Our legal strategy: Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) is supporting litigation regarding COVID-19 in several states and also actions against the federal government. We are gradually building a national legal team that can help us to regain our freedoms, bring the perpetrators to justice, and ensure that a COVID-type debacle can never happen again.


The types of cases we file vary, but they all address the core issue – the false declaration of emergency, the unwarranted actions, and government malfeasance.


We win when we file! Changes are often made in response to just filing a complaint. For example, a second lockdown was avoided in Ohio as a result of a landmark lawsuit we filed in August 2020. Our lawsuits make government officials very nervous!


More Lawsuits!! Once we prove the fraud, we can sue officials personally and we plan to go after their assets. Many governors and government officials are wealthy, and their wealth can be used to help the people whose lives they destroyed. We also plan to sue school systems, big box stores, the airlines, employers, and other entities that committed egregious acts against citizens.


We only need one judge…to order discovery and allow us access to government documents such as testing procedures and death certificates; and allow us to depose state and federal officials involved in this hoax. These documents and depositions can then be used in all of our lawsuits. The more lawsuits we file, the better our chances! 

Please note:

  • Changes take place every week as new cases are filed, along with motions from both us (the plaintiffs) and the defendants (the people who have done this to us!). We update our documents and our website as often as possible.

  • It is typical for defendants to file a 12B motion to dismiss in response to almost any major lawsuit. This is to be expected, and it is also typical for the losing side to appeal.

  • Litigation takes time and is a little bit like watching paint dry, particularly in the beginning. Patience is required.


Here is this week’s status report:


Federal Lawsuit Concerning COVID Vaccines filed June 11 2021

This lawsuit is supported by MAFA –four of the attorneys who filed this case are retained by MAFA and/or its state chapters.


Plaintiffs: America’s Frontline Doctors, several physicians, nurses and other health professionals; parents, guardians, and estates of people who have died.


          Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, both in his official and personal capacities

          Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, both in his official and personal capacities

          Janet Woodcock, Acting Commission of the FDA, both in her official and personal capacities

          US Department of Health and Human Services

          Food and Drug Administration

          Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

          National Institute of Health

          National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease

Claims include: numerous undisclosed conflicts of interest; vaccines are unapproved, inadequately tested, experimental and dangerous biological agents that can cause more harm than SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19; the vaccine EUAs are unlawful on multiple grounds including that there is no emergency; that Americans have been subject to psychological manipulation through fear-mongering messaging and unprecedented deprivation of their rights in order to coerce them into getting these vaccines; dissenting medical opinion is censored; plaintiffs who are health professionals have been terminated for refusing to get a COVID vaccine, and a woman’s life was cut short – she died after receiving one of the vaccines.

This lawsuit seeks monetary damages from the defendants.


New York:

Lawsuit filed on Thursday June 10 on behalf of a minor child and all other affected children against Andrew Cuomo, New York State Department of Health, Locust Valley Central School District and Board of Education.


The suit demands an end to the requirement that children wear masks in school. Plaintiffs claim that the masks are not safe or effective, and that children are not at risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19, which means that there is no scientific basis for the mandate.



Chris Federico is representing over 100 businesses in Lincoln Nebraska that were fined and/or criminally charged because they violated the city’s draconian lockdown rules.


These cases are very important to our national movement for several reasons. They provide the opportunity to obtain the data the city and state have used to justify their actions, and the opportunity to find out which federal agencies and officials may have been involved in the decisions that were made. All Make Americans Free Again lawsuits include claims that the real data did not warrant mask mandates, business restrictions and closures, emergency use authorizations for vaccines, and other COVID rules. Any of our legal actions that result in obtaining the real data will be useful in ALL of the lawsuits we have filed and will file in the future.


Last, but not least, these cases offer the potential for the plaintiffs to receive compensation from the defendants for their losses. Public officials are given broad immunity for actions taken while in office, but there is no immunity if an official commits fraud or any illegal act. These cases will be precedent-setting, and financial judgments against government officials may serve as a deterrent to imposing arbitrary and harmful restrictions on citizens in the future.


While the plaintiffs have all paid some fees, they cannot either individually or as a group finance the litigation themselves. We all have a vested interest in the outcome, so please donate, attend our fund-raisers, purchase our merchandise, and help us grow our group!



The original case challenging the emergency declaration ended when the emergency declaration was ended in June 2021. There are two active cases at this time:

          a lawsuit against the Department of Human Services (DHHS), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The National Center for Health Statistics, and the individuals who head these agencies. This lawsuit challenges the PCR test and the criteria for establishing cause of death related to COVID-10. Our team just filed a response to the 12B motion to dismiss and we are waiting for the government’s response.

          a lawsuit has been filed against Governor Mike DeWine and health department officials personally by businesses that were financially harmed by the lockdowns. It is possible that these defendants may have to pay their own legal fees, and also that they may end up with judgments against their personal assets.



Levana Lomma is our state leader in Hawaii. She was arrested and charged for refusing to sign an agreement to quarantine in the airport after returning from a trip. The reason the Hawaii state chapter is supporting this case (in addition to the fact that she is a member of our team) is that the government cannot move to dismiss this case since they filed it, and Levana is entitled to discovery – the data justifying what the state did.



The Kentucky case challenges the emergency declaration. Of course, the state filed a motion to dismiss, and the team just recently filed a response.



The lawsuit in Maine challenges the emergency declaration and also the PCR test. An amended complaint was just filed in response to the 12B motion to dismiss.


New Mexico:

The first lawsuit in New Mexico challenged the emergency declaration. The team is waiting for the judge to rule on the pleadings related to the 12B motion.


A second case was filed against an employer concerning requirement to get a COVID vaccine as a condition for work. No news yet.



Lawsuit filed against the mayor of Anchorage in March 2021. The governor of Alaska did not issue statewide draconian lockdown rules, but local governments did. The emergency declaration was terminated and the case was subsequently dismissed. There are many more lawsuits to file in Alaska; stay tuned.


MAFA is organizing to help defend Dr. Eric Nepute!

After giving away over 2 million bottles of vitamin D and zinc for free to Americans, the federal government charged Dr. Nepute with violating the COVID Consumer Protection Act, a new law that allows the government to censor what doctors and other healthcare professionals say about COVID-19. In addition to overt attempts to discredit and silence him, the government sought $8 million in penalties. This is one of the biggest cases concerning medical freedom to be filed in the U.S. and has important implications for all of us. There can be no “informed consent” when consumers are not permitted to hear various points of view on any health-related topic.

Excessive government regulation of healthcare has been getting worse for decades. Licensed health professionals are disciplined if they do or say anything that BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG MEDICINE AND BIG PHARMA don’t like. And unlicensed professionals (herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc.) are often prosecuted for unlicensed practice.

It’s time for this to end once and for all. Americans should be able to choose their health professionals and method of care without government intervention!